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    97% of customers have gotten exceptional offers at leading tech companies like Stripe, Slack, Uber, etc.

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Real success stories

People have negotiated great compensation at top tech companies.

Rhea Kaw

Manager, Product Management at Pivotal Labs

An indispensable resource throughout the search - I would definitely recommend Vaibhav to anyone looking for a new career opportunity!

Mike Kenniston

Senior Software Engineer at Color Genomics

My only regret is that I didn't engage with him sooner. I highly recommend Vaibhav and for anyone looking for a tech position.

Janani Narayanan

Software Engineer at Uber

The $$$ spent in the sessions with him was totally worth it considering the learning I got. My recruiters were taken by surprise and applauded my knowledge about the offer, and I got a substantial increase.

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Vaibhav Mallya

Formerly Twitter (Growth), Amazon (Identity Services)
University of Michigan, Degree CSe

I've been a software engineer for six years. My time working on growth and infrastructure at great companies like Twitter and Amazon helped me develop a knack for negotiation, equity, and career decisions that eventually formed the basis of

If you work in tech, you deserve to get paid fairly - regardless of what you look like or where you come from.

For many questions in your job hunt, there are no easy answers. But with the right framework and preparation, you can empower yourself to earn respect. If I can help in any way, I encourage you to email me at mallyvai at - I will help you get what you're worth.