Frequently Asked Questions

How soon in my job hunt should I sign up?

As soon as it begins! Negotiation starts with the first conversation. Knowing how to gracefully avoid disclosing salary expectations, anchor high, and set a reasonable timeline are all vital.

I'm nearing the end of the job hunt. Is it too late for me to get help?

It's always better to start early, but depending on how things played out, it may not be too late. Please drop me a line if you want to make sure if this is right for you: mallyvai at

The company said my offer was non-negotiable, can I still negotiate?

There is no such thing as a non-negotiable offer. Google, Facebook, Reddit, Stripe, Uber, and many, many other places have all claimed at various times to make non-negotiable offers. We have helped folks get tens to hundreds of thousands more regardless.

I thought this was all confidential! Am I allowed to discuss salary and equity?

Confidentiality or pay secrecy requirements within the workplace are either unenforceable, or outright illegal. Modern American labor laws protect your ability to disclose compensation. In fact, under California law, it is illegal for employers to prevent discussion of wage numbers at all!

What if doesn't help me?

This is statistically unlikely. 97% of folks who have used have gotten meaningfully better compensation. Of course, if you are unsatisfied, I'm happy to give a total refund - I want everyone to be a completely happy customer. You only have everything to gain.

Is this only helpful for new grads?

No! has helped everyone from new grads to Directors and Vice-Presidents get meaningfully better offers. The more experience you have, the greater your liquidity, the greater your variance, and the greater your opportunity cost. If you're inexperienced, then it's equally important to make sure you're starting your career off on the right foot.

I have additional questions or clarifications about my situation, what should I do?

I have worked with hundreds of folks and have probably seen your situation before. If you want to chat and add additional clarity to your situation before signing up, please drop me a line - mallyvai at