When the Offer Arrives

Receiving the offer

Why it matters

A surprising amount of stuff can happen on the first offer call. Saying the right thing can help you get a big raise. Saying the wrong thing can cost you time and money. Here's how to handle this first call like a pro.


Receiving the offer (Simple)

The simplest case will be to thank the recruiter, ask for another conversation, and politely decline to comment on the offer until you've thought about it.

Receiving the offer (Advanced) PREMIUM

An aggressive recruiter may question your loyalty if you refuse to talk about the compensation immediately. As always, stay calm, ask for more conversations, and restate your interest.

This isn’t magic, but it does take skill and practice. Learn how to receive an offer with grace and tact -- and position yourself to get what you’re worth -- when you get the complete Playbook.

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The reverse interview

Why it matters

You're going to spend years of your life with your coworkers. Is a high-stress interview in a sweaty room really the best way to learn about them? Probably not.


You owe it to everyone to learn more about the team, the culture, and the opportunity, before accepting an offer.

Get the four questions you must ask your potential new coworkers -- and word-for-word scripts you can practice -- when you get access to the complete Playbook.

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The equity glossary

Why it matters

Most startup offers are going to include some form of equity. Equity is complex. You might see a lot of confusing terms you're not yet familiar with. And it's important that you fully understand every aspect of the offer you're considering, at every stage -- when the initial offer comes in, while you negotiate for more, and when you accept or decline. 


This is so important, I've put together The Equity Glossary and am offering it to everyone (you don't even have to go premium to get it).

Download your copy of the equity glossary now.

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